Trained Facilitator 

Trained Facilitator- If what your business, event or program needs is a dose of motivation, positivity or leadership training through personal growth and development, please contact me to schedule a call.

Previous experience includes:

Discovering Passion and Purpose.                                               Personality Assessments                                                   Vision Board Facilitation

Loving Yourself Workshops                                                           Living in the Present                                                           Creating Your Future

Understanding God's Love                                                            Parenting 101 & 201                                                             Navigating Relationships

Living with Gratitude and Joy                                                        Leadership Training                                                             Motivating Employees

Stress Management 101                                                                 Confidence 101                                                                    Power Presenting (Public Speaking)


Programs can also be tailored to your needs. Pricing is based on size of group and length of training required. 

The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you.
— B.B.King

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