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Teen & Young Adult Empowerment Session

Teens & Young People,

I know that at times life can seem so hard that you can't get out of bed. I know that there are things that may have happened to you that make you question your worth. I know that there are times when the pain feels so heavy that you begin to question life and even living.

The world is filled with pain, struggle and suffering. Yes that is true. But what the news fails to show us is all of the love, compassion and wonder that is greatly outweighing the negative stuff every single day in this same world we live in.

That is why I must remind you that YOU ARE LOVED.

I must tell you that you are CAPABLE OF GREATNESS.

I have to let you know that YOUR LIFE MATTERS and YOU ARE ENOUGH!

I promise you that if you hold on, you will discover within yourself this amazing strength and resilience that you didn't even know existed. I promise you that if you ask for it, you will find yourself surrounded by love. I promise you that if you are willing to do the work to change the course of your life, you will. And I know it because I was once there too. I know it because I look around at all of these incredible adults who can also testify that it gets better when you hold on, when you get up and when you fight the good fight. I know it because I know that you are here on purpose.

Join me on Wed. Nov. 8th from 6:30-8p for a free event (in Fitchburg) to help you begin the journey to feeling better about who you are and the course of your life. Ages 13-19. Bring your friends or family members. (Donations will be accepted.)

RSVP me at with your name, age and email address so that I can get a space to fit us. I will email the location and any other details as we get closer.