Super Sparkly Honesty

While shopping for a backpack my daughter had 2 bags that she was considering. She kept switching between the 2 and parading in front of the large body mirror that the store provides. At first she looked like she was having fun and then this concerned look covered her face. Knowing my daughter and that something was up I had to ask, "What's up baby girl?" 

"I'm practicing super sparkly honesty with you and it makes me think....I'm looking at these bags and I'm wondering if I like them because I like them or because someone else will approve of them" and her eyes went back to the reflection of herself wearing a backpack.

I couldn't help but smile. I was smiling so hard that when she caught me staring at her and smiling she smiled back and asked, "What?"

"I can't believe that you're asking yourself that question. That is amazing! It's such a self-aware question....such a mature question....such a wonderful growth question....I'm just so..."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah Mom. I pick this one. I like it for me."

We both left that store happy and I left reminded that I get to ask myself that question about everything in my life in order to ensure that I'm making decisions for my approval and not for the approval of others. And so do you!

Let's get honest with ourselves and get better at practicing super sparkly honesty.