Super Sparkly Everything  Photo credit: John Love

Super Sparkly Everything

Photo credit: John Love

Thank you to all of the readers and supporters who nominated my book. I appreciate you!

Thank you to all of the readers and supporters who nominated my book. I appreciate you!

About this book...

My book, Super Sparkly Everything, was written for anyone who was like me, feeling down and stuck and sick and tired of being sick and tired. I had to finally connect with something greater than myself and take personal responsibility for every area of my life. And it was hard! At that time I only knew that it was hard work. 

But the more that I did the work, the more that I figured out what worked for me and what didn't, the more that I gave myself permission to enjoy the process and to feel good about all of it, the better I started to feel. I started to feel more alive and centered. 

So I wrote this book to either jump start, help or inspire you to give yourself permission to be happy.
You deserve happiness. And love.



I have read this book once - twice - and now I’m reading again. Yes! That’s how good this book is. That is how much meaning can be found withing it’s pages. It has literally changed how I see my life and the shift that was necessary to love myself and the journey I am on. Ms. Vazquez takes you to a place of discovery and leads you to sense of grace. She captures you with stories from her own life that make you think, feel, learn, and love. Since reading the book I have found that I am learning to let go of what was, cherish what is and look forward without fear of what is to come. I’ve found a sense of peace that was lacking and look forward to my life’s journey which now will be Super Sparkly Everything!!
— Melissa James, Amazon Review
Great authors teach us, motivate us, inspire us and make us think. Maria M. Vazquez is one such author. Her book, entitled “Super Sparkly Everything” is a must read! This book is so insightful and life changing. Maria introduces the reader to Seven Principles as a powerful means to view your life, to live life, to tap into the essence of who we are truly meant to be. Read this book and move yourself towards the present with self love, acceptance, and true happiness. Easy to read, easy to understand with so much valuable information!
— Karen Aho, Amazon Review
Super Sparkly Everything is one of the most amazing books I have read. Maria Vazquez has such an incredible way of connecting with her readers. Her stories are examples that people can relate to and find solutions to situations in their own lives. Her stories have helped me personally conquer difficulties in my life. I really thank Maria for telling her story and for sharing her seven principles for personal growth to live a life filled with freedom and love. I highly recommend this book!!!!!!
— Amanda Heywood, Amazon Review