Encourage. Educate. Empower.


No matter where you come from or what you've done, every area of your life can and should be filled with love, fulfillment, freedom, and fun.


I can help you get there. 



Do you want to wake up in the morning and feel excited to take on the day, and go to bed at night feeling like you did something meaningful, impacted a life or 2, with a feeling of accomplishment? Do you feel stuck in an area of your life? Do you need some real encouragement? Are you ready to take back control of your life? Are you looking for ways to become more aware of who you are, your strengths and abilities?

Or, do you know a group of people who can use a boost of positivity? Or a reminder of how amazing and capable they are?

If you answered yes to any of these, I have good news for you.  You're not alone and you're in the right place. 

Join me for a class, workshop, seminar or event if you are ready to make some changes, experience some real life shifts, and live the fulfilled, peaceful and love filled life that you deserve. Or send me a message and we can schedule a time where I can come to you for a motivational talk or workshop. 

My mission is to Encourage, Educate and Empower through personal growth and development for anyone who wants what I call the Super Sparkly Everything life. Super stands for supernatural connection and love that comes with a relationship with God, Sparkly stands for all of the good and perfect things that life has to offer, and Everything is well, everything.

Join Me (Workshops & Community Events)